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APS is also a comprehensive programme to address the issues faced by security professionals.

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From the leaders of the sector to new suppliers, find them at APS!

9 countries represented and a hundred innovations to discover

APS Awards

A jury, made up of directors and safety and security managers from Leroy Merlin, Galeries Lafayette, Drouot Enchères, etc., will be tasked with identifying the most impactful solutions in the industry!

See you on Tuesday 03 October to discover the winners during the awards ceremony!

New: market trails

This year, discover the 18 markets to which exhibitors are targeting their solutions and services!

Find solutions that meet the needs of public administration, banking, education, healthcare...

Villages at the heart of innovation

In the Startup Village, you'll find innovative solutions such as the 1st 100% autonomous alarm or a non-connected access control solution.

Discover all the start-ups present at APS this year!

Crises and changes in risk and the digitalisation of technologies are the themes for 2023.

An extract from the conferences (given in French) to discover on APS

  • Contexte Urbain: Comment  concevoir un système de vidéo protection efficace?  Redex & Quiz !
  • Comment une contrainte réglementaire devient avantage opérationnel : les services du PTI géolocalisé
  •  IA et sécurité - quels enjeux ? 
  • Quel impact du changement climatique sur la sûreté et sécurité ? Analyse des risques actuels et futurs ; cas d'usage et exemples
  • Sites industriels ou sensibles: Comment  concevoir un système de vidéo surveillance efficace?  Redex & Quiz !
  • SSCP® : Pourquoi ce standard de communication haute sécurité est-il si important ? Explications et retour d'expérience.

Make it happen with the APS Connect business meeting programme

Take advantage of moments of exchange to make your projects a reality by meeting exhibitors who correspond to your needs thanks to the APS Connect programme, which is entirely free!

They took part in APS Connect in 2019

The Rugby World Cup at APS!

Marc Lievremont will be on APS from 4.30pm on Wednesday 6 October for an exclusive, friendly chat about the current competition and the French team's progress.